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Dear Esteemed Patients,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the upcoming closure of my practice on October 11, 2023, due to urgent family matters. In light of this, I want to ensure a seamless transition for your ongoing healthcare needs.


Dr. Dina Rahhal, a respected fellow hand surgeon in the Frisco/Plano vicinity, is open to welcoming new patients and has kindly agreed to become the custodian of the Omni Hand Surgery medical records. This would facilitate easy access to your health records if you decide to continue your care under Dr. Rahhal or wish to consult a different hand surgeon. You can reach out to Dr. Rahhal for an appointment at 214-618-5719. While it's your choice to select a new hand surgeon, Dr. Rahhal comes highly recommended and is board certified.


To explore other potential physicians nearby, consider the following resources:

  1. Your health insurance provider

  2. The local medical society

  3. Hospital-based physician referral services

  4. Online search for well-rated hand surgeons in your locale


To procure a copy or transfer your medical records, please direct your requests to:

Dina Rahhal, MD Frisco Hand Center 3880 Parkwood Blvd, Ste 501 Frisco, TX 75034


Remember, it is essential for your new physician to have your medical records. Make sure to provide written authorization to Dr. Rahhal to facilitate the transfer of your medical charts to your new healthcare provider. We have enclosed an authorization form to simplify this process for you.


For any queries or assistance, feel free to call our office at (972) 947-9395 until October 13, 2023. We are here to support you in obtaining your records through secure means, complying with HIPAA regulations to maintain your privacy.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this transition.


Warm regards,

Lan Hua, MD


4500 Hillcrest Road

Frisco, TX 75035

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